→ Visual ART
Jenna creates art with couples who want to be WITNESSED belonging to themselves & each other; unapologetically in love. Delivering Image collections- the PROOF- of feeling seen, heard, believed, revered, uncensored, beloved.” ©Jenna Nord

→ Musicianship
Matthew plays various instruments. For weddings primarily uses piano, guitar & vocals for reception, ceremony & post ceremony music. He thoroughly enjoys the process of meeting the bride and groom and getting to connect with them in person (or on zoom) to find out their musical interests and what songs and styles would make their ceremony unforgettable, intimate & vibrant! He plays original and cover music in styles ranging but not limited: popular, jazz, blues, classical, country, folk, pop, indie & world music.


Meet The Artists Behind The Lens & The music

I never want to stop living wildly alive with you

this is us

→ 20 years of marriage
Intimacy, dancing, kids, bacon, living wildly alive, rocky mountain and coastal adventurers, family music jams, radical self-acceptance practices, hunting dogs, backyard jungle gardens, shared reading, our family loves to surf, ski, laugh, eat. We shall own a sailboat someday. In pursuit to align with our highest self, offer the world our art, travel, infuse wonder in our children.